How To Be A Good Tenant

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How To Be A Good Tenant

Leasing Your Rental Can Feel Like A Roulette Gamble In Vegas!
Yes, folks, tenant renting can often feel like a huge risk, but it doesn't have to be. You can cut that risk in half of future tenants if you learn and know the good qualities of the prospect as you show the rental to the person and a review of the application. Now that you have someone of interest on the hook for you, as the landlord, you will have to make sure that your determining factors don't violate the Fair Housing Act.

All That Said, Just What Are Some Deciding Factors?
Well, other than the usual suspects such as income-to-rent ratios and the credit score of the possible applicant, here are several items to keep in mind so you don't make a costly mistake:
* You don't find them very often these days, but not only does a good tenant pay the rent on time, but he or she wouldn't be bothered by changing a light bulb, picking up some trash, changing filters and telling the landlord or owner on the property things you know about the rental unit they don't.
* A good tenant is respectful and if they are not, you'll find out about it sooner than later when they begin to take advantage of you.
* A good tenant, above all else, is honest. You can ask any landlord or property owner and they will tell you that there are box-loads of ways a tenant who is dishonest can pull the wool over your eyes and trip you up, in a hurry.
Remember, the only real way to nail a dishonest tenant is to simply verify the information on their application. and start making some calls.

Drama From A Tenant - Let Me Count The Ways!
Whether you know it or not you will always run into some tenants who think they are in the movies or on TV and thrive on drama. If you are a landlord or owner just when you think you have heard it all, the tenant will call and give you one of those world famous excuses when the rent is late or going to be late or they just lost their job, the wife or husband just left me; or my young daughter fell off her bike and had to go to the hospital.. And before you know it - it will continue to be one headache after another..
Note: If you are going to lease or rent your home, condo, mobile home or apartment to a stranger you should always dig-deep in that application and see if your prospect has or had a history of evections or late payments on paying the rent..

Tips For Relating To Tenants In A Professional Manner!
* Start of on the right foot. That simply means you should make your tenants comfortable and welcome.
* Make sure you document everything regarding the rent and keep tabs on your tenants
* Be fair and flexible - but don't be a pushover. Giving in can go a long way.
* Communicate with the tenant early and often when it concerns repairs that must be made.
Personal Note:

If you want to be a good tenant and enjoy living in a home, condo, mobile home or apartment in your city remember these tips:
* Be a clean tenant and take care of the owner's property and do not leave or let trash pile up that will usually bring the bugs who have been hiding
* Be honest
* Be creditworthy
* Be able to pay your bills and rent on time
* Above all, be respectful

Finally, a good tenant does not make excuses or continue to bother the landlord or other tenants with details of his or her life.